by valexposed

My skin has lost color and scent, i am faceless with doubt. Have you seen my eyes? I seem to have misplaced them. My mind fills with grain and noise, a photograph overexposed, too much sunlight or maybe barely enough to see a clear picture.The little dots in a jibber-jabber, i do not know what they say. Are you talking about me? Am i talking about me? Am i even in this picture?

Tears fall and i do not know why. The grains and noise disappear, yet the photograph remains unclear. Was there a subject to begin with? My mind now empty, i can’t stop the puddle in my eyes. I am broken for reasons i am unable to understand. Why?

My eyes focus on an inanimate object but i am not staring, barely looking, what am I glancing at? The foreground blurs, my eyes begin to hurt.