Obscure dreams

by valexposed

I dreamt that our little red dot was wiped off the face of this Earth. The cause – dinosaurs. Ridiculous? Maybe. I remember tossing and turning in bed till 437am, and the rest was a mystery, until dinosaurs invaded my sleep.

I remember the chaos and their colossal mass. They seem to differ greatly when placed on theater screens as compared to my absurd dreams.

My incubus was sound asleep, disrupted by a large yellow eye peeking through my bed side window. I don’t remember much, I never do when it comes to dreams.

I do not recollect anyone being alive.

What I do recall was the fear in my sister’s eyes. Saliva dripping, razored teeth – face to face. So close, you could almost pet it.

I remember myself being torn between fear and love. I remember myself conceptualizing the pain of being masticated, flesh and bones. Assuming to be eaten alive- a slow and agonizing death. I remember myself wanting to take her place and my legs trembling at the thought of it.

But if she stayed, she would have had nobody left.