by valexposed


Asbjørn Skou is a visual artist born in Copenhagen. I tried pronouncing his name aloud and to no surprise, it sounded hilarious coming out from my mouth. He works with drawings, installations and projections, while also working with other various visual materials such as photographs. The above murals (click to view a clearer image) are temporary light installations projected upon the vacant walls in Copenhagen, for viewing pleasure of the public to enjoy!

Skou hand engraves each of his images onto black Pani slides and uses projectors to highlight his drawings against the empty walls. As soon as the sky turns opaque, his images illuminates and lights up the streets and passing traffic. How beautiful would it be to take a stroll pass an outdoor gallery? It’d brighten my evening!


Pictures above were taken directly from the artist’s blog itself, http://armsrock.blogspot.sg.