by valexposed

It is this very four walls that will drive me insane. My fault, only myself to blame. Why i do it? Is that truly the question? I do not know, when will i ever learn? I have blinded myself with a repetitive cycle. I am stuck, and all you people do is talk. But talk is cheap, and i do not need your eyes on my walls like a thousand flies. Your silver mirror of disgust reflects an image of a broken trust. So shut the fuck up cause’ all you people do is whisper, for the root to all evil is our tongue, a filthy black hole where words are sung.

You have reaped a daughter you wish you had not sowed. If i were you I’d feel the same, sadly now i have your name. I wish i had never kissed my hands, what they could do, what a fool i am. Sometimes you just want to close your eyes, look through a lens of a different size.