Where have we been?

by valexposed


For the past few days i have felt myself rested on a plank of wood.. drifting further and further away from the sight of shore and respect in humanity. I have reached the ends of the ocean, and i stare upon a white void filled with questions, no answers.

Faith has been lost, and humanity has spun a silver web of ugly and war. Maybe even i have caused myself to contradict and lose trust in my own kind, for am i not part of the culture and color?

People never cease to amaze me, to surprise me, to taunt me, to prove me wrong, to (not) prove me wrong, to excite me, to lie to me, to teach me, to disappoint me, to heal me, to break me, to love me, to pretend loving me, to…

My mind has been used, layers constantly shifting. Constantly enlightened, and having new ideas and thoughts forged to contradict and replace old ones.