R Tagore

by valexposed

God has given as a gift a birds two wings
from the flash of feathery line and colour
Spiritual joy springs.

Birds are companions to the clouds; blue space
And great winds and brightly coloured birds
Are all of the same race.

The rhythms in the life and play of birds belong
To the wind, from the sky’s music comes
Their energy and song.

Thus each dawn throughout the forests of the Earth
Light, when it wakes, unites with birdsong
In one harmonious birth.

In the great peace beneath the immense sky,
The dancing wings of birds quiver
Like wavelets rippling by.

Age after age through birds the lifte-spirit speaks
It is carried by birds along tracks of air
To far-flung forests and peaks.

Flying ManRabindranath Tagore

(Tagore on the left)

Indian literature is honestly really beautiful. This poem that i chose to post doesn’t particularly have much of his native (Bengali) influence incorporated in it. I love how Tagore’s topics are so versatile and genuine, so descriptive and beautiful. Lovely.. simply lovely.