by valexposed

Notice how a lighted candle dances it’s night away. Pull up a chair, center a candle, and stare.  What do you see? How do you feel? Are we not most vulnerable at night? The sun is a lie, it takes us away from who we really are. Does it?

Maybe, it’s the stars that lie. It takes us away from who we really are, because it shows us who we really want to be. The night is beautiful. The clouds aren’t hiding, they are just shadowed – i suppose the clouds are at their saddest in the darkest of night. Unseen, unknown. Do you think that the clouds ever feel misunderstood? Darkness probably isn’t their territory.

But don’t you feel sad for the stars? They shine so bright, their light- a pathway for travelers at times. Yet, they remain unknown in the brightest of day, camouflaged almost. Do you think they ever feel in competence with the Sun? Maybe they wished they were just like the Sun .. but they are just as divine in the night.

Maybe we all have something special, don’t you think? Maybe not everyone sees it- maybe we don’t see it. Maybe you are a cloud, and i am a star. Maybe you are the Sun, and I the moon.  Maybe we are all stars, each and every star in the sky has a different name- does it not? Some still foreign, … how sad, because each and every one of them are just as alluring.